About Us

The goal of Solar Coating Systems is to provide environmentally friendly, “COOL ROOF” roofing products and systems which renovate and restore existing roofs without the need for costly tearoffs and total reroofs.


The corporate officers of Solar Coating Systems  have been in the roofing industry in excess of a combined 50 years. Their accumulative knowledge as roofing contractors, general contractors, owners of roofing product distribution facilities, as well as sales reps and corporate managers for various roofing manufacturers give Solar Coating Systems unequaled understanding of roofing products, systems and installation.
Because of this, Solar Coating Systems was formed to provide the building owner with a very competitive alternative to the conventional style of reroofing, as well as providing an added benefit of less costly summer cooling expenses due to the high reflectivity and emissivity properties of the products. With the current global warming and concern of the Greenhouse effect, both state and federal governments are proponents and supporters of “COOL ROOF” products. Some states already require “COOL ROOF” products and systems. .
To meet this demand, Solar Coating Systems now have over 13 plants and distribution centers throughout the USA.

Below is a sample roof with before and after illustrations:




Above is an aged APP roof with a weathered Aluminum Coating. Solar Coatings Systems SCS Acrylic Coating, formulated to adhere to APP smooth roofs, was used to renovate the existing roof. Similar Products are used to renovate conventional Built-Up Roofs, Modified Bitumen Roofs, Metal Roofs, Single Ply Roofs and Sprayed Polyurethane Roofs.


• Odorless, No VOC’s
• No Tearoff
• Quiet
• No office disruption

• Cost Effective
• Tax Deductible
• Seamless
• Renewable Warranties

• Energy Savings
• Numerous Overlays
• Environmentally Friendly
• Light Weight

In certain situations where the existing roof is weathered and degraded sufficiently to warrant reinforcement, polyester fabric is embedded in either SCS Emulsion or SCS Acrylic Coating.  After the initial phase is allowed to dry, SCS Acrylic Coating is typically sprayed over the surface.

Below are four before and after photos during the SCS Roof Renovation System for Built-up Roofs:




SCS Metal Roof Renovation System. (Above) The metal laps and fasteners are waterproofed and sealed with SCS Elastic Patch, and the entire roof is coated with SCS Acrylic Coating.